University of Utah Computer Science Alum Receives Prestigious Okawa Prize

January 7, 2015


Olivier Faugeras, a University of Utah computer science graduate and research director at INRIA in the Sophia Antipolis Research Center near Nice, France, was awarded The Okawa Prize for his work in computer vision and computational neuroscience.

“It is an honor to receive the award from the foundation,” he said in a statement. “The selection committee paid tribute to my scientific work in the two areas that I helped create, first computer vision and, more recently, mathematical and computational neuroscience.”

Faugeras received a doctorate in computer science and electrical engineering from the U in 1976 as well as a doctorate of science in mathematics from Paris VI University. He also was an adjunct professor in the electrical engineering and computer science departments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research is focused on mathematical neuroscience, specifically in applying mathematics to model populations of neurons.

Three years ago, he started the Journal of Mathematical Science with Stephen Coombes of the University of Nottingham, and he was elected as a member of the French Academy of Sciences and was one of the founding members of the French Academy of Technology.

The Okawa Prize, awarded by The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications in Tokyo, recognizes people for their research, development and business in the information and telecommunications fields.

Faugeras was one of two awarded this year’s prize. The other was Dr. Katsushi Ikeuchi, professor of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at The University of Tokyo.

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