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Re: scheme_add_global_constant and scheme_rep

Quoting Alexey Mahotkin:
> and how should I now call scheme_add_global_constant() 

Gone, because there's no constantness on globals anymore. (That feature
is subsumed by modules.) Use scheme_add_global(), instead.

> and
> scheme_rep()?

Gone. Use scheme_builtin_value("read-eval-print-loop") to get a Scheme
function, then apply it with scheme_apply().

> Maybe someone ;) needs to write a transition guide for extension
> writers?

There's a new section in the v200-tagged MzScheme_200.txt, but so far
it only contains the things you've asked about. Unfortunately, I wasn't
very careful about keeping track of the API changes, but I think
"Inside MzScheme" is now fairly accurate.