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(sans sujet)

Hello !!!!!!!
I have noted two importants things on DrScheme : 

You cannot load .jpg file into a bitmap object. Only .gif, .xbm, .xpm, .bmp 
and .pict are recognized by DrScheme but today the most using bitmap type is 
.jpg because it takes less memory. So when you have to display a large bitmap 
in a canvas and if the bitmap is saved in a large resolution, it takes a lot 
of memory. So I think I will be useful if DrScheme can load .jpg file.

There is the same problem on playing sounds. Only .wav file are recognized by 
DrScheme even if wav files are exceeded today. Now, it is much more 
convenient to use mp3 file : their quality is better and it takes less 
memory... The only way I find to play it is to make a .exe file from the .mp3 
using mp3toexe ( that you can download on
http://www.mp3toexe.com ) and use the fuction process* to execute it. But you 
have the playing window which appears and it's boring... but I think there is 
a way to solve it !!!! So when a window appears ( a in-DrScheme-non-defined 
window ), how can you reduce and close it using the editor ??? 

Note : I don't tell you all this things to disturb you but only to help you 
making a better DrScheme version, but DrScheme is already the best Scheme 
editor even if, like I say, it can be ameliored. If students from my 
university don't like Scheme, this is because they think you cannot do a lot 
of things with it and they prefer learn a language like C++ which is more 
difficult. But with DrScheme, you can do equivalent things that with C++ ( 
just look at my game : 
                http://members.xoom.fr/legrandmikey/serpent/serpent 1.0.exe )
 and there is a lot of thing to ameliore too. So I hope I can help you this 
time !!

Mike, a French Schemer from Lille 1 university