April 12, 2006: Jiazzi 4.1.0 is released! See the software section.


Jiazzi adds support for large-scale component programming in Java. Components in Jiazzi contain, import, and export Java classes and Java's in-language support for inheritance can be used across component boundaries. Jiazzi is both expressive, supporting cyclic component linking and mixin constructions, and robust; the implementation and linking of a component can be separately type checked.

Our current implementation integrates into Java using a linker, which manipulates components, and a stub generator, which allows Jiazzi to be used  with normal Java source compilers. Jiazzi does not extend the Java language. Instead, Java code for a component is written using the normal Java language and a separate linking language is used to manipulate components. 

An implementation of Jiazzi is available for download in the software section. Motivation and technical details are available from  our papers in the publications section. Please feel free to use the email link at the bottom of the page for any comments. 

For more information, take a look at this short two page extended abstract.

Older News

December 16, 2005: Jiazzi 4.0.0 is released! See the software section.