Placement Test

The pre-major CS courses follow this requisite chain: CS 1030 – CS 1410 – CS 2420. Each course
must be completed before the subsequent course may be taken. The purpose of CS 1030 is to
expand the understanding of students with no background in computer science topics. Therefore, if
you feel that your background is sufficient, you may be able to enroll directly in CS 1410 (skipping CS

CS 1030: Foundations of Computer Science
CS 1030 is our introduction to computer science course and does not require any prior knowledge
(except a knowledge of basic algebra). This course is designed to introduce those students who wish
to work with computers to the terminology and basic practices of computing.

CS 1410: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
CS 1410 is our first true “programming” course, in which students learn about object-oriented
programming. This course presents the exciting ability to “tell computers” what to do. CS 1030 is a
prerequisite for this course; however, students with some computing knowledge can test directly into
CS 1410.
Note that the proficiency test is open during Fall and Spring semester registration periods only (late March through late August and early November through early January, respectively).

Go to After logging with your CIS credentials, you will be taken to a Canvas page where you should simply click ‘Enroll in Course’. (If you are not yet a University of Utah student, email for access.)

• If you place into CS 1030, you may register for the course without any special codes.
• If you place into CS 1410, you will need to request a permission code by completing the permission code form. Remember your test score, since you are required to provide it on the form.
If you would like to appeal the results of your test, you may do so by submitting to Erin Parker a statement carefully explaining why your course placement should be reconsidered.
You may take the proficiency test only once. If you earn a passing score on the test and decide to wait to take CS 1410 in a future semester, you must use your original test score on the permission code form.
If you cannot remember your score, you may retrieve it by sending email to Erin Parker with your full name and the approximate date that you took the test.