Preparing to Major in Computer Science

All students who would like to earn a degree in Computer Science should read the following:


Students can become a CS pre-major by informing the Registrar or the School of Computing academic advisor. It is advisable to do this early to ensure receiving information about the major and staying advised of any changes that may be made in degree requirements. Declaration as a pre-major will enable participation in major activities, and allows students to apply for School of Computing scholarships.

Pre-majors are required to take the following courses and must achieve a C- or better (at minimum) in each course. Further, the average GPA in these courses, and the students overall UofU GPA, must be a 3.0 or higher in order to apply for full major status (FMS). A 3.0 GPA is the minimum requirement and may not result in placement as a full major; for example when there are more applicants than available spots. In such cases, the top applicants will be selected by the SoC undergraduate admittance committee.

Qualified students may test out of CS 1400. Pre-major courses may only be repeated once, if needed for admittance to the major. A third attempt in any pre-major course is not allowed and will not be considered for admission to the major. A grade earned in a pre-requisite of another class AFTER you have already completed that class will not be used to compute your GPA for the CS full-major application. For example, a student may not take CS 1400 after he or she has successfully passed CS 1410 or CS 2420.

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