Often students have questions about the major.  Here are some common ones, along with some answers.  If you have a question that is not answered here, but you feel should be, please contact us at: ugrad-help@cs.utah.edu.


I have a question!

In order to take a course for a third time you must petition the School of Computing before hand. Please see the repeat policy...
Students at the University of Utah are not allowed to take upper division Computer Science courses without permission. This permission usually comes in the form of "Full Major Status (FMS)". For more information, see "how do I apply to the degree?".
No. Students with a 3.5 University and CS pre-major GPA are automatically admitted into the major, but students with GPAs below this mark are often admitted, based on a holistic review of all their grades and other life events.


  • “Should I apply for FMS if I have a C in 2420?”
  • “Do I have to have a 3.5 GPA in order to become a Full Major?”
  • “Should I double major in CS and CE?”, “Should I minor in CS if in CE (vice versa)?”
  • “Should I take all my GEs first?”, “I’ve already completed my GEs, can I take 5 CS
    courses each semester until graduation?”