If Not Admitted

If you were not admitted to the computer science major on the first try, consider improving your academic record and applying a second time. The following are suggestions for what you can do to demonstrate a high potential for success in our challenging degree program. Please note that it is not necessary to follow all of the suggestions below – choose carefully and be cautious not to overload your course schedule.

  • If your grade in CS 2420 is a B or lower, retake the course and strive to improve significantly. Be sure to adhere to the policy on repeating courses in your retake.
  • Earn an A or A- or better in courses that help you make progress in the degree without requiring full major status, such as CS 2100, CS 3200, MATH 2210, MATH 2270, and PHYS 2210.
  • If you have a pattern of repeating multiple classes, demonstrate that you can earn an A or A- or better in two of the courses listed above in only one attempt.
  • Achieve a 4.0 semester while taking challenging computer science, math, and/or science courses.

If you were not admitted to the computer science major on the second try, it is time to consider another major at the University of Utah or a computer science degree at another institution.

  • There are many other majors on campus you may consider. Visit advising.utah.edu/majors or schedule an appointment with a University College advisor at 801-581-8146.
  • Several schools in the area offer a BS in computer science and may have lower GPA requirements. Contact the school’s CS department directly for transfer and admittance information.

Back-Up Plan Worksheet
See worksheet for additional back-up planning and resources.