Graduation Requirements

All major courses (computer science, science, engineering, film, and writing) taken to satisfy the major requirements must be taken for a letter grade and must be passed with a “C-” or better. Mathematics courses require a “C” or higher to move on to the next level of math. To remain in good standing and graduate, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA at the University of 2.5 or higher while also maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or higher in computer science classes. See Probation section for more details.

Students are expected to complete all requirements for their degree within four years of being admitted as a full major. Students not making satisfactory progress toward their degrees may be removed from the major and declared inactive. The determination that a student is not making satisfactory progress is made in one of two ways.

(1) The student has not completed a computer science course for a period of one year (excep- tions made for students who take an official Leave of Absence with the University).
(2) There is no reasonable way in which the student can complete all degree requirements by the
end of the required period of time.

In order to be reinstated from inactive status or from being dropped due to low GPA, students must petition the Computer Science Undergraduate Committee. Reinstated students proceed under the latest graduation requirements. If personal circumstances prevent completion of all degree requirements within four years of acceptance as a full major, a student may request an extension and submit a revised schedule of completion.

All major courses (CS, math, science) will expire after ten years, and it may be necessary for students to retake major courses that are more than ten years old. Students are advised to meet with the undergraduate director to discuss math and CS courses that were taken more than five years prior.

In order to better serve our students and evaluate our program, computer science graduating seniors are required to complete a Graduation Exit Survey before they are cleared for graduation. All identifying information (name, student ID number) will be removed from student responses to maintain anonymity.