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University of Utah,
Alpha_1 MADEFAST Home Page

This page contains information pertaining to the Alpha_1 group's design and manufacturing contribution to the MADEFAST project. For more general information on MADEFAST please see Stanford's MADEFAST Home Page or EIT's MADEFAST Home Page


As a result of the 21 June 1994 meeting, the project has the following organization:

Design Information

Alpha_1 is an integrated graphics, design, modeling and manufacturing system which is being used as the design tool for the mechanical assemblies used in this project. The image seen below and on the Mechanical and Optical pages were all produced using the Alpha_1 system.

Image created: October 11, 1994

The design is divided into three parts:

Current Design Issues

Ongoing design discussions and issues are documented here.
Carolyn M. Valiquette