The Multimedia
Edit Facility

The multimedia facility in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Utah is a state of the art multimedia facility. The professional quality video production facility includes video editing equipment, an isolated sound booth, two Lyon-Lamb Scan Converters, an Abekas A60 digital video disk, and an Abekas A20 video converter.

It supports:
o Real-time scan conversion of workstations (macs, pc's, Unix signals to video)
o Frame by frame animation recording via Abekas digital disk or Laser Disk.
o Formats include: BetacamSP, UMatic, S-VHS, Hi-8mm and VHS
Standards: NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, M-PAL, N-PAL, SECAM and MESECAM
o On-line cmx editing
o Access to the State of Utah EdNet System and the University UNet System
o A dedicated T1 based video/data-teleconferecing network in supports a 5-way video teleconferencing system. This dedicated line has been integrated into the graphics lab video equipment and computer networks at each of the five NSF sites of the Science and Technology Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization sites, of which Utah is one.
o A dial-up video-teleconferencing network to allow us to call anywhere in the modern world.
o Color image input is done on an HP ScanJet 3C 400 DPI scanner. Color output to film or slides is done with a LaserGrafix film recorder. For poster-size color printing, there is an Encad NovaJet III color printer/plotter in the Graphics Laboratory. A Sun NeWSPrinter CL+ color printer and two black-and-white laser printers are located in the Graphics Laboratory.
o And what facility wouldnt be complete without software to allow remote access to the facility from anywhere in the world while you see what you are doing via compressed internet video.

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