University of Utah
Department of Computer Science

Computer Graphics, Visualization,
and Design Laboratory Facilities

Serving as the central location of our research work, the Graphics Laboratory includes a large workstation user area, a televideo conference room, a video production and teleconference control suite, and a machine room. The highest quality computer workstations for 3D interactive graphics and image synthesis are installed in the Graphics Laboratory for shared access by researchers.

Computer Graphics Workstations

Currently, the Graphics Laboratory contains sixteen high quality 3D graphics accelerated Unix workstations. There are ten SGI workstations, including an Onyx/2 Infinite Reality an Onyx Reality Engine-2, two Indigo-2 Solid Impact/R10000's and six Indigo-2 Extreme/R1000's. There are also two multi-processor Sun SPARCstation-20's, two Sparc-5's, and two Hewlett Packard 9000/730's.

There are two dual-processor Dell Precision 420/RamBus PC's with 256 meg of RAM and Matrox G-400 DualHead Max graphics with Rainbow Runner video add-on cards. One has two monitors, and the other has dual Sharp Notevision 5 video projectors for a face-to-face immersive telecollabation environment. These machines triple-boot Windows/NT 4.0, RedHat Linux 6.1, and Windows/98, as well as using VmWare to run NT under Linux and vice-versa.

A dual-processor Citrix MetaFrame machine allows the Unix workstations access to PC software under Windows Terminal Services via ICA client programs.

Our Alpha_1 research software portably operates all of these workstations, using our own display list library to interface to OpenGL through Tcl/Tk.

An additional eight Unix and/or NT workstations are distributed in our faculty and staff offices. Beyond that, there are eight SGI's, 100 Suns, and 90 Windows/NT PC workstations available for our use in the Computer Science Department and College of Engineering labs, all supported by central disk servers.
Last update: November 15, 2000