broker_allup_default man page


       broker_allup_default [broker_allup args]


       The broker_allup_default script is a canned configuration of CPU Broker
       objects.   It  starts  broker_allup(1)  with any arguments given on the
       command line and loads the standard set of libraries.  Then it  creates
       a  manager, partition policy, weighted policy and strict policy.  After
       creating the objects it connects the manager to  the  partition  policy
       and the partition policy to the strict policy.  This configuration will
       place new tasks under the strict policy until they  are  moved  by  the
       user.   Finally,  the  script  prints out "Done!" to signal to the user
       that it has finished.

       The IORs for the objects created by this script will be dumped  in  the
       following files:

              The object used to access the allup process.

              The library object for libcpu-broker.

              The library object for libpolicies.

              The library object for libdelegates.

              The library object for libtask_factories.

              The  manager  whose  current  policy  is set to ./partition_pol-

              The strict policy object.

              The weighted policy object.

              The partition policy object with the strict policy object set as
              the default policy for new tasks.


       broker_allup(1), cbhey(1), cpubroker(7)


       The Alchemy project at the University of Utah.


       The    Alchemy    project    can    be    found    on    the   web   at

CPU Broker 1.2.0              2004/03/05 17:07:36      BROKER_ALLUP_DEFAULT(1)

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