Flick: The Flexible IDL Compiler Kit
Version 2.1

User's Manual

Flux Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Utah

November 1999

1 Introduction
 1.1 What is Flick?
 1.2 Comparisons With Other Object, RPC, and RMI Systems
2 Compiling and Installing Flick
 2.1 Building the Flick Programs
 2.2 Building the Flick Runtime Libraries
 2.3 Installing Flick
 2.4 Testing Flick
3 Using Flick
 3.1 Introduction
 3.2 Front Ends
 3.3 Presentation Generators
 3.4 Back Ends
4 Using Flick's Runtime Libraries
 4.1 The Runtime Libraries and Headers
 4.2 The IIOP Runtime
 4.3 The ONC/TCP Runtime
5 Putting It Together: A Phonebook Application
 5.1 The CORBA Phonebook in C
 5.2 The CORBA Phonebook in C++
 5.3 The ONC RPC Phonebook