Factors in Admissions Decisions

The goal of the Admissions Committee is to select those students with the promise for success in our challenging degree program. Due to space constraints, not all applicants may be admitted.

Below are some of the criteria used to evaluate an applicant’s potential for success.

  • Applicants with an A or A- grade in CS 2420 are very promising.
    Applicants with a C+ or C grade have very little chance of success in upper-level CS courses.
  • Applicants on an upward trajectory, with grades that steadily improve with each CS and MATH course taken, show promise. Applicants on a downward trajectory have very little chance of success in upper-level CS courses.
  • Applicants who have repeated one or zero courses show great potential to complete the degree requirements directly and efficiently. Applicants who have repeated multiple courses show a concerning pattern that may continue.
  • If other CS, math, physics, and engineering courses have been taken by the applicant, those grades are considered. In particular, A or A- grades in CS 2100, MATH 2210, MATH 2270 demonstrate the ability to perform well in upper-level courses.

Guaranteed admission
Applicants with University and pre-major GPAs of 3.5 or higher and no repeated courses are assured admission to the computer science major.

Academic statement
As an applicant, you may submit a statement to support your application. The purpose of this statement is to guide the Admissions Committee in recognizing factors in your academic performance that may not be directly evident from the University and pre-major GPA.

Applicants who have previously been denied admission should use the statement to point out significant improvement since the last application.

For students whose past performance may not be indicative of future performance, explain the changes you have made that will ensure your success in the computer science degree program.

Special Circumstances
Students whose life situation has excluded them from a typical path into the computer science major should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Jim de St. Germain, 3190 MEB) to determine the possibility of admission to the major.