Advanced Placement (AP) Credits

UofU AP Credit
Math Placement by AP Score

Credit for Advanced Placement tests is given through the University and counts toward the total hours needed to graduate. The Admissions Office assesses all general education AP credits. Specific courses in the Computer Science major (computer science, math, physics, chemistry, and biology) are waived based on high AP exam scores, independent of these credit hours. Students should submit a AP Evaluation Form to the Admissions Office to have their AP credits officially recorded toward University graduation requirements.

The scores below are necessary for the School of Computing to waive a major requirement. While lower scores may result in University of Utah credit, they will not satisfy School of Computing requirements.

AP Exam Required Score U course wavied Course placement
Biology 4 or 5 Biol 1210
Chemistry 4 or 5 Chem 1210
Physics C: Mech 4 or 5 Phys 2210 Phys 2220
Physics C: E&M 4 or 5 Phys 2220 Phys 2210
Computer Science A Test 5 CS 1030/1410 CS 2420
4 CS 1030 CS 1410
Computer Science Principles 3-5 CS 1030 CS 1410